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Every 10,000 A4 size sheets are worth a tree. Not printing paper is an act that we should practice whenever possible. Small gestures like this, when added together, bring about a fantastic outcome in the short and long term. We often think that an isolated act will not solve the planet's problem, but if you save 10,000 sheets of paper, that tree has already made a difference! If each one practices this one and other conscious actions, the next generations will certainly be able to live more and more on a better planet.

Using the QualiSign Portal means collaborating with the sustainability of our planet. Use our Sustainability Simulator to calculate how many trees will no longer be cut, how much energy will no longer be consumed, how many liters of water will be saved and how much CO2 will no longer be emitted during 1 (one) year of using the QualiSign Portal.

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For more information on how you can help make our planet more sustainable through the QualiSign Portal, click here and chat with us.

*CO2e (CO2 equivalent) - It is a metric measure used to compare the emissions of various Greenhouse Gases based on the global warming potential of each one defined in decision 2/COP 3 or as subsequently revised, as per Article 5. The equivalent carbon dioxide is the result of multiplying the tons greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by their global warming potential. For example, the global warming potential of methane gas is 21 times greater than that of CO2. Thus, we say that the CO2 equivalent of methane is equal to 21.

**The estimated value are based on standard parameters and some established assumptions, such as the number of copies of a contract, average distances traveled for transporting documents, average consumption of water and energy for paper production and other variables. Thereby, there may be differences depending on the size and the way documents are managed.

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